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February 20, 2016 by Jo Nation

New owners for Wellies!

Its exciting news Wellies is moving to the North Island.

Please bear with us while we take time to set up.

We should be back up and running in a weeks time.


All orders will now be shipped from Wellington, with a new family to look after the Heritage brand in New Zealand. 

January 29, 2016 by Suzy Hutton

Ronald McDonald House

The Wellies team are donating $10 to Ronald McDonald House for every pair of gumboots sold from now until Christmas. Including all gift cards over $195. 

To find out more about Ronald McDonald House click the link below.



We are coming into the cold, wet winter months. Grab a pair of Barbour gumboots at a great discount this month for NZD$160!! bargain! 

This offer is only on for a month so grab them quick while you can. 

Happy Shopping!!!


Spring Sale continues!

We have decided to continue our Spring Sale until Christmas this year as October was a great success, we would like to give our customers an extended opportunity to take advantage of this popular offer to buy gifts for their friends and family. 

Happy shopping!


November 02, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

Wet weather and babies

Boy it rained a lot today. It has finally filled up our new duck pond that my husband dug at great expense last spring.

Enzo, our black lab is cold and wet and absolutely certain that I am going to let him up onto our nice dry bed. So it is real gumboot weather! Lots of wellies going out to glamorous ladies all over Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile my tummy is getting bigger, so I can't really go out and enjoy my wellies to their full advantage because I am so sleepy. Due in 2 weeks!

Little George is walking like he's done it for years and loving his pair of Barbour childrens gumboots (they were a sample but yes, we will have them available soon) He can't understand why Mummy waddles along like a slow old duck. 

I hope you are all getting good use out of your wellies in this rainy weather. Please send any photo's you have of you looking glamorous in your Barbours to and please like us on facebook.

We will give the best photo 50% off a pair of Barbour wellies. A great Christmas gift for someone you love.


July 04, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

Wellies vanished from home page!

Oh dear!! For some reason our beautiful Barbour wellies are not showing on the home page of our website. We have got the web developers looking into this for us but it was probably our fault. I was just changing the text about Hunter gumboots to say that we no longer had these for sale when the glitch with the website happened. Who knows if thats what caused it!? Anyway we are still very much here in business and selling the worlds best ladies designer gumboots so don't let the lack of images on our home page put you off! It's been a lovely couple of warm winter days so hopefully not too many people have been trying to buy gumboots anyway. Fingers crossed we will have everything repaired by tomorrow!



June 24, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

Barbour in 'Londons top posh wellies'

 Really good news this week. The London Evening Standard newspaper has done a review of the worlds top 'posh wellies'. It totally vindicates our move from Hunter gumboots to Barbour gumboots. Hunter gumboots came 5th in the rankings, while Barbour gumboots came 2nd to top, they were only beaten by a brand that costs £160 and are lined with pure sheepskin. So of the normal unlined wellies Barbour gumboots are regarded as the best you can buy! We know that they are really great because we have sold thousands of pairs now and had virtually no returns like about 3 in three years. Really interesting to see Hunter wellies dropping to 5th place. Very proud to be selling such a great product. Go Barbour!! Here is the article.



Winter is finally here! We are getting snow down right down to sea level today like we had twice 2011? Wellies is based quite near the sea in North Canterbury so it was really out of the ordinary to snow – let alone get two big dumps of snow in one year on our land. Still, we have plenty of high quality warm Barbour gumboots on hand to keep our feet dry!

By the way we have had a few people coming to us recently with Hunter wellies that they have bought in stores around Australia and New Zealand which have quality issues. They assume we can help but we have not been the distributors of Hunter gumboots in Australia or New Zealand for several years. I’m not sure who is bringing Hunters gumboots from China, but I suggest you contact either the retailer you buy them from or Hunter directly in England. Its very frustrating because we hate thinking of people paying good money for boots that then let them down.

Anyway, back onto nicer topics. We are really getting into proper wellies weather now and we are bringing on lots of new retailers around NZ and Aus. The Barbours are proving to be such a reliable product. We just don’t get any complaints. It is a privilege to distribute them. We have had really positive reviews from retailers to say they look great in store and are selling like hot cakes. We recently visited the Karen Walker store in Auckland where the boots just looked superb.

Oh and finally. I should probably mention celebrities wearing our gumboots. But I won’t. They deserve their privacy. But watch out for them. There are a growing number of glamorous, high profile kiwi ladies stepping out in Barbour wellies this winter – which we really love to see.


Weird how we get coincidences with gumboot customers

It's so strange how on some days everybody wants the same colour wellies. Or suddenly everyone has the same large or small feet. It's as if the worlds gumboot buyers get together and agree that everyone with big feet will buy today. My husband tells me that this is because chaos causes clusters but I think there is something more going on. Some days we get a whole lot of Sarah's buying wellies and the next day a bunch of guys called Colin buying them for their wives. What is that all about? One time we had the exact same name twice in one day! Another time we had two men by the same first name buying wellies as gifts for their wives and both sales were complicated by returns due to both men getting the size wrong and then we go for twelve months without that same scenario happening again. It's just part of the crazy fun of selling these wonderful gumboots and it keeps us very amused when these unexpected alignments of the stars happen. Anyway lots of orders coming through this winter so you should see plenty of fashionable ladies in lovely colourful Barbour wellies walking around your community. Let us know when you see them out and about as we love to hear how women are wearing them.