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Hi, this is our first time blogging, so bear with us. It's very exciting to have our new Barbour wellies website up and running, thanks to the good people at Mogul web design. I hope you agree that the site looks fantastic. We have got a few minor tweaks to make here and there so if you find a spelling mistake or broken link email me at

The new range of Barbour gumboots that we are stocking now are proving themselves to be a great product. We have been sending the gumboots out to customers across Australia and New Zealand for 5 months and we have had extremely good feedback from all of those customers. It's a real pleasure to be selling such a great looking and high quality welly again from a well know British outdoor clothing brand. 

What a hectic year it has been for us. We have had little George born 10 weeks ago. He is now keeping both his mother and his grandmother fairly busy during the day, even when they are trying to sell wellies. Luckily we have the wonderful Sally looking after him sometimes, which gives me a little more time for business. Sally has been partially compensated with a pair of Size 4 lovely red Barbour wellies, which she looks amazing in.

Right, that's my first blog. I will try to keep everyone informed of the latest gumboot colours as they come through from Europe. We are expecting pink to arrive here very shortly which is exciting. and I will try to share some of our hectic diary as the wellies take us all over New Zealand and Australia and some of our good press coverage and some of the great customer feed back which we get every day. So hopefully it will be a fun read.


July 13, 2011 by Shopify


George Miller

George Miller said:

You are very welcome Suzy! It’s been fun to work on. Well done on your first blog and I look forward to seeing the next one!

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