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 Having spent my career designing high street fashion in London, and working with clothes manufacturers around the world, and now working here in Australasia on the most British of brands Barbour, I was really, really pleased to read this article yesterday in the Telegraph's Fashion pages.
Its all about Barbour, Mulberry and other great British brands that are avoiding the whole Chinese manufacturing route. When people buy luxury European goods they expect those goods to be made by people in Europe who have been passionately making those goods for years, not outsourced to people in a far away land who have very little experience or connection to the brand. Luxuy is about trust as much as anything. This article has got lots of people talking and there are some really interesting comments below it such as "What is heartening is that brands are realising that they have to actually manufacture in the UK to make their values credible". It would have been cool if Hunter had realised people felt like this before they moved manufacturing to China. I totally agree with another comment that we are getting tired of brands that " trade on a British heritage but who manufacture in China". Lots of people ask why we moved to Barbour's range of gumboots. Their dedication to manufacturing their products in Europe is very, very a big part of it.


July 28, 2011 by Suzy Hutton

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