Barbour Sale

Phew! very busy answering lots of emails from people about our spring sale. You wouldn't know that it was spring though with the icy blast of snow and sleet that is making it's way up New Zealand. Never mind, perfect weather to get out in a nice pair of Red, green or perhaps even pink Barbour Wellies. The whole idea of a spring sale though is that the winter is behind us and the ground is supposed to be getting drier again. It looks like we will all be wearing our wellies a little bit longer this winter. Great for the skiers! 

If you want to get your 15% discount make sure you buy the colour of gumboots you want pretty quickly. We are selling quickly on some colours and we wont get new stock in now until October. We will be adding pink gumboots to the range in October which is exciting. People love Pink wellies. It looks like it might be a fairly damp world cup rugby tournament too, so maybe a pair of Pink Barbours might be just the thing for the fashionable rugby groupie.

Better get back to answering these emails about Wellies. Great to have such a big response from across both Australia and New Zealand. Barbour wellies are really starting to get a good reputation with everyone for being stylish and very well made. Every time I go out in mine I have people commenting and asking where I bought them. Always funny when I tell them I import them. I feel like a walking advert but they are so practical and stylish at this time of year. 

Hope it's warming up where you are, 


August 15, 2011 by Suzy Hutton

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