Barbour Sale

Back now in NZ for nearly a week. We had a wonderful time in the UK. A wedding in the country and lots of fun in London. They are having a very hot Indian summer this year so not seeing a lot of wellies out and about yet. I did enjoy catching up on the latest fashions. Some very very short shorts and lots of Mustard yellow. I think the European economic problems are making the girls show lots of leg this year, apparently that always happens in a recession.  

Really enjoying being home. Enzo missed us, he has done quite a lot of damage to our furniture since we got back, so that's his way of telling us we shouldn't have gone away, I caught him yesterday on the lawn with my beautiful red wellies. He didn't chew them. I think he knew he would be in trouble as he knows I love them. He just wanted attention. We have decided to get him a friend! watch this space. 

Lots of excitement in the online gumboot selling business. We received some wonderful editorial coverage in last weekends Auckland Herald. Thank you to everybody who contacted us about seeing the wellies in that fashion shoot. We have also got a big wellies advertising campaign breaking. Well big for us! To raise awareness of Barbour gumboots in the lead up to Christmas.  Barbour wellies make brilliant Christmas presents. So it's been very busy on the sales front for the last few days as people see the ads, it's taken quite a lot of catching up particularly with jet lag. 

Our next big shipment of gumboots is on the water now from Europe. It contains some exciting new gumboot colours. So watch out for some additions to our range on the website soon. 


October 02, 2011 by Suzy Hutton

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