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 Funny how lots of good things happen at once! Here is a round-up of the last few days at wellies. First up, as usual, lots of people are giving our great designer gumboots to their loved ones for Christmas. So it’s a very busy time of year sending gumboots by post to customers all over New Zealand and Australia.
On top of that Christmas gumboot season, we have had a very big shipment arrive in from Europe. It’s so exciting when the big trucks pull up to the warehouse. We used to really have our hearts in our mouths with the Hunter gumboots arrived from China because of the quality issues, but European made Barbour gumboots are excellent quality and it really is a pleasure to open the boxes and see each gleaming new pair. Every pair gets inspected on arrival and I can happily report that the build quality and the colours are perfect.
It is always a couple of hectic days getting all the gumboots sorted and safely placed into the warehouse. Then we have to start fulfilling retailer orders for the new stock – so that takes a few days.
So as if that wasn’t enough for us. In this latest shipment there were lots of new gumboot colours. Pink, Rustic, Olive. All of them look amazing. So we have had to quickly get those new colours up onto the wellies website for Christmas shopping (people are already snapping up the new range of gumboot colours online).
You would think we would stop at all that for a week’s work. But no, a friend of wellies who is an international model could only make last weekend for a photo-shoot with the new boots. So we were sorting out the wonderful photographer and all the locations – and then running the shoot while all of these other things were going on. It has been pretty busy!!
The really good news is the photo’s look totally superb. They really celebrate the different colours with wonderful settings and props. The beautiful model Sarah and the photographer Lucy did an incredibly professional job. The photos, which will be on our site soon, really bring to life the wonderful range of fashion colours that the Barbour gumboots come in, and they show some of the diverse places that our users get the most out of the fashion gummies. Thank you ladies for doing such a wonderful job. I can’t wait until the pictures are up on the website.
Finally I suppose we have the weather to thank for making things even busier. Whenever it rains people suddenly think about buying gumboots, and in case you haven’t noticed it has been raining in NZ and Australia this week, a lot. So lots of ladies from across NZ and Aus have been getting onto their wet weather boot requirements.
So a very, very busy, and fun time at wellies.
I hope everyone is getting their Christmas shopping done and planning a nice holiday.


December 07, 2011 by Suzy Hutton

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