Barbour Sale

 Its so fun seeing lots of lovely pairs of wellies being posted off as Christmas presents to people across Australia and New Zealand. So nice to think of those lovely pink, red, green and blue gumboots being unwrapped on Christmas morning by happy ladies. They really are the perfect gift for the lady who has everything. Particularly if she has a garden! I can’t wait until we start receiving the nice emails from people who got their wellies just in time to put them under the tree.
Still very wet here. Who would think it would be wellies weather in December!! Still it is making this a very low stress season for us in the garden. We have hardly used the sprinklers at all and the plants look wonderful.
By the way, we still get a few customers coming through who are interested in our range of Hunter gumboots. We only have a very limited number of Hunter wellies left now. They are in the larger sizes and not in many of the popular colours. We will try to help you if we can but there are a number of English gumboot retailers who will ship Hunters to home shoppers in Australia and New Zealand. Personally I would like to encourage you all to stick with Barbour. They are made in Europe, not China and all of our customers have had a great performance from them. Sadly that was not the case with the new Chinese made Hunters which tended to lose their colour very quickly in warm weather.
I can recommend Barbour wellies highly enough. And the new colours look great. I hope you are enjoying the lovely photos of them on our website.
Merry Christmas xx

December 16, 2011 by Suzy Hutton

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