Barbour Sale

So sad to see all the leaves falling off the trees after a lovely, if not quite as warm as we might hope, summer. 

We are starting to get into Autumn. My husband is frantically planting trees already and has me out in my wellies collecting acorns with him. He loves growing oaks from seed. I have taken a lovely pair of green Barbour wellies for myself this autumn. They contrast well with all the brown leaves and look really stunning. We are getting a lot of demand for some of the more interesting colours like rustic and purple. It's great to see ladies expressing themselves through their winter footwear. No reason to let the colder months dampen down our enthusiasm for looking fashionable. We are looking forward to a busy winter. Lots of people seem to be buying wellies this year for concerts and festivals around Sydney and Melbourne. Hope you have your wardrobe ready for the winter. 



April 02, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

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