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 Really good news this week. The London Evening Standard newspaper has done a review of the worlds top 'posh wellies'. It totally vindicates our move from Hunter gumboots to Barbour gumboots. Hunter gumboots came 5th in the rankings, while Barbour gumboots came 2nd to top, they were only beaten by a brand that costs £160 and are lined with pure sheepskin. So of the normal unlined wellies Barbour gumboots are regarded as the best you can buy! We know that they are really great because we have sold thousands of pairs now and had virtually no returns like about 3 in three years. Really interesting to see Hunter wellies dropping to 5th place. Very proud to be selling such a great product. Go Barbour!! Here is the article.

June 20, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

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