Barbour Sale

Boy it rained a lot today. It has finally filled up our new duck pond that my husband dug at great expense last spring.

Enzo, our black lab is cold and wet and absolutely certain that I am going to let him up onto our nice dry bed. So it is real gumboot weather! Lots of wellies going out to glamorous ladies all over Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile my tummy is getting bigger, so I can't really go out and enjoy my wellies to their full advantage because I am so sleepy. Due in 2 weeks!

Little George is walking like he's done it for years and loving his pair of Barbour childrens gumboots (they were a sample but yes, we will have them available soon) He can't understand why Mummy waddles along like a slow old duck. 

I hope you are all getting good use out of your wellies in this rainy weather. Please send any photo's you have of you looking glamorous in your Barbours to and please like us on facebook.

We will give the best photo 50% off a pair of Barbour wellies. A great Christmas gift for someone you love.


July 04, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

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