Barbour Sale

Ronald McDonald House

The Wellies team are donating $10 to Ronald McDonald House for every pair of gumboots sold from now until Christmas. Including all gift cards over $195. 

To find out more about Ronald McDonald House click the link below.




Winter is finally here! We are getting snow down right down to sea level today like we had twice 2011? Wellies is based quite near the sea in North Canterbury so it was really out of the ordinary to snow – let alone get two big dumps of snow in one year on our land. Still, we have plenty of high quality warm Barbour gumboots on hand to keep our feet dry!

By the way we have had a few people coming to us recently with Hunter wellies that they have bought in stores around Australia and New Zealand which have quality issues. They assume we can help but we have not been the distributors of Hunter gumboots in Australia or New Zealand for several years. I’m not sure who is bringing Hunters gumboots from China, but I suggest you contact either the retailer you buy them from or Hunter directly in England. Its very frustrating because we hate thinking of people paying good money for boots that then let them down.

Anyway, back onto nicer topics. We are really getting into proper wellies weather now and we are bringing on lots of new retailers around NZ and Aus. The Barbours are proving to be such a reliable product. We just don’t get any complaints. It is a privilege to distribute them. We have had really positive reviews from retailers to say they look great in store and are selling like hot cakes. We recently visited the Karen Walker store in Auckland where the boots just looked superb.

Oh and finally. I should probably mention celebrities wearing our gumboots. But I won’t. They deserve their privacy. But watch out for them. There are a growing number of glamorous, high profile kiwi ladies stepping out in Barbour wellies this winter – which we really love to see.