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Ronald McDonald House

The Wellies team are donating $10 to Ronald McDonald House for every pair of gumboots sold from now until Christmas. Including all gift cards over $195. 

To find out more about Ronald McDonald House click the link below.



We are coming into the cold, wet winter months. Grab a pair of Barbour gumboots at a great discount this month for NZD$160!! bargain! 

This offer is only on for a month so grab them quick while you can. 

Happy Shopping!!!


Wet weather and babies

Boy it rained a lot today. It has finally filled up our new duck pond that my husband dug at great expense last spring.

Enzo, our black lab is cold and wet and absolutely certain that I am going to let him up onto our nice dry bed. So it is real gumboot weather! Lots of wellies going out to glamorous ladies all over Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile my tummy is getting bigger, so I can't really go out and enjoy my wellies to their full advantage because I am so sleepy. Due in 2 weeks!

Little George is walking like he's done it for years and loving his pair of Barbour childrens gumboots (they were a sample but yes, we will have them available soon) He can't understand why Mummy waddles along like a slow old duck. 

I hope you are all getting good use out of your wellies in this rainy weather. Please send any photo's you have of you looking glamorous in your Barbours to and please like us on facebook.

We will give the best photo 50% off a pair of Barbour wellies. A great Christmas gift for someone you love.


July 04, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

Wellies vanished from home page!

Oh dear!! For some reason our beautiful Barbour wellies are not showing on the home page of our website. We have got the web developers looking into this for us but it was probably our fault. I was just changing the text about Hunter gumboots to say that we no longer had these for sale when the glitch with the website happened. Who knows if thats what caused it!? Anyway we are still very much here in business and selling the worlds best ladies designer gumboots so don't let the lack of images on our home page put you off! It's been a lovely couple of warm winter days so hopefully not too many people have been trying to buy gumboots anyway. Fingers crossed we will have everything repaired by tomorrow!



June 24, 2012 by Suzy Hutton



Winter is finally here! We are getting snow down right down to sea level today like we had twice 2011? Wellies is based quite near the sea in North Canterbury so it was really out of the ordinary to snow – let alone get two big dumps of snow in one year on our land. Still, we have plenty of high quality warm Barbour gumboots on hand to keep our feet dry!

By the way we have had a few people coming to us recently with Hunter wellies that they have bought in stores around Australia and New Zealand which have quality issues. They assume we can help but we have not been the distributors of Hunter gumboots in Australia or New Zealand for several years. I’m not sure who is bringing Hunters gumboots from China, but I suggest you contact either the retailer you buy them from or Hunter directly in England. Its very frustrating because we hate thinking of people paying good money for boots that then let them down.

Anyway, back onto nicer topics. We are really getting into proper wellies weather now and we are bringing on lots of new retailers around NZ and Aus. The Barbours are proving to be such a reliable product. We just don’t get any complaints. It is a privilege to distribute them. We have had really positive reviews from retailers to say they look great in store and are selling like hot cakes. We recently visited the Karen Walker store in Auckland where the boots just looked superb.

Oh and finally. I should probably mention celebrities wearing our gumboots. But I won’t. They deserve their privacy. But watch out for them. There are a growing number of glamorous, high profile kiwi ladies stepping out in Barbour wellies this winter – which we really love to see.


Getting Wellie busy now winter is coming


Phew. There is hardly a moment to blog these days with lovely ladies gumboots flying out the door to stylish shoppers across Australia and NZ. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but it’s really dry underfoot still. Not exactly the type of Autumn we’d optimally like for wellie sales, so it’s doubly surprising and wonderful to see so many pairs of lovely ladies gumboots heading out every day.

I have to say. It is honestly a huge privilege to be supplying you all with gumboots that are built to such incredibly high standards. They are a real credit to the guys in Europe who make them. We have been selling Barbour wellies to discerning shoppers in Australia and New Zealand now for nearly 3 years. In all that time we have had only one pair, ONE PAIR!!, returned for a manufacturing fault. And do you know what that fault was? The buckle broke when it got caught on something. So it wasn’t actually an issue with the wellies at all.They are simply, in a word, great.

I am probably the biggest advocate of the Barbour brand here in Australasia. But even I find that totally impeccable track record astounding. The quality and performance of Barbour wellies is hard to believe. We are so proud to be selling gumboots that we know will deliver our customers exactly the high level of performance you really should, but so often these days cant, expect from a luxury brand. To my mind, and having personally owned several pairs of every brand in the luxury ladies gumboots market including several pairs of Hunter gumboots, Barbours are without question built to the highest standards there are. It makes our work very enjoyable when you know the boots you are sending customers are going to exceed their expectations of quality and reliability. Anyway. I think its now time for the weather to get wintery. There are lots of skiers who want to get skiing and there are thousands of ladies out there just dying to get their new Barbour wellies on.


May 09, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

Feels like our Indian summer is over :(

So sad to see all the leaves falling off the trees after a lovely, if not quite as warm as we might hope, summer. 

We are starting to get into Autumn. My husband is frantically planting trees already and has me out in my wellies collecting acorns with him. He loves growing oaks from seed. I have taken a lovely pair of green Barbour wellies for myself this autumn. They contrast well with all the brown leaves and look really stunning. We are getting a lot of demand for some of the more interesting colours like rustic and purple. It's great to see ladies expressing themselves through their winter footwear. No reason to let the colder months dampen down our enthusiasm for looking fashionable. We are looking forward to a busy winter. Lots of people seem to be buying wellies this year for concerts and festivals around Sydney and Melbourne. Hope you have your wardrobe ready for the winter. 



April 02, 2012 by Suzy Hutton


Lots of leaves turning now in the garden. The pin oaks have an amazing red leaf. We are really getting into welly season too. So many enquires in the last few days. It is wonderful to hear from you all. We have had great reports of the Barbour wellies 'flying off the shelves' at Karen Walker stores. People are really starting to think about keeping warm and looking stylish this winter, which is great. I have to say that i feel very lucky to be involved with such a high quality brand. The performance of the boots for our customers, has been and continues to be exceptional. So roll on winter, can't wait to be out and about on the ski fields in lovely colourful wellies! and make sure you get in touch with us soon if you want new wellies to arrive before the cold weather.


March 23, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

The side buckle

I just had an email from a customer about the side buckle on Barbour wellies. It's funny because it is such an important part of the design of the gumboots and yet when I think back, I can not recall ever discussing it with any of our customers. Anyway what the lovely customer wanted to know, before she bought wellies to run up and down the side of a football pitch supporting her husband, was is the side buckle functional or purely decorative? Good question. So I thought I better publish an answer. The side buckle on Barbour wellies (and Hunter wellies) has always been there and it has always been purely decorative. A bit like a bow on a pair of shoes or maybe epaulettes on a shirt. I suppose it is a design link back to a pre rubber boot maybe a leather boot that had a buckle at the side. But Barbour wellies and Hunter wellies have been made for years with it with no real function at all except to make the wellies look stylish. If you look at photo's of the queen out in winter going right back to when she was a girl, you will see the side buckle on her lovely green wellies. and If you look at Kate Moss in her lovely blue wellies at Glastonbury festival you will see her in blue wellies  or pink wellies with the side buckle doing nothing but making her wellies look a bit more stylish while she dances around in the mud. 

Anyway, it's really lovely to think of our customers looking stylish like Kate Moss as they watch football here in New Zealand.


Very damp summer

 So the Christchurch show was a big success. The Barbour gumboots looked stunning with all the colours on show in our tent. A real eye catcher. Thank you to everybody who stopped by and had a look at the wellies and thank you to everyone who bought a pair. We are still giving NZ$10 from every sale to Ronald McDonald house until Christmas and we raised several hundred dollars for that wonderful charity during show week. It's actually quite busy for this time of year in the welly business, thanks to all this rain we have been getting. I suppose, like me, all of our customers are getting out in their wellies to catch up with the weeding. I spent 3 hours today on hands and knees in my lovely red Barbour gumboots weeding around our new rhodos. It's incredible how much the rhodos have grown this spring but so have the weeds! 

I hope everyone is having as glorious season as we are having so far. 

Oh and make sure you place your orders early if you plan to give Barbour gumboots this Christmas. We will be very busy because we have been advertising quite a lot in New Zealand and Australia. 

Happy gardening, 


November 19, 2011 by Suzy Hutton