Barbour Sale

Ronald McDonald House

The Wellies team are donating $10 to Ronald McDonald House for every pair of gumboots sold from now until Christmas. Including all gift cards over $195. 

To find out more about Ronald McDonald House click the link below.



We are coming into the cold, wet winter months. Grab a pair of Barbour gumboots at a great discount this month for NZD$160!! bargain! 

This offer is only on for a month so grab them quick while you can. 

Happy Shopping!!!


Weird how we get coincidences with gumboot customers

It's so strange how on some days everybody wants the same colour wellies. Or suddenly everyone has the same large or small feet. It's as if the worlds gumboot buyers get together and agree that everyone with big feet will buy today. My husband tells me that this is because chaos causes clusters but I think there is something more going on. Some days we get a whole lot of Sarah's buying wellies and the next day a bunch of guys called Colin buying them for their wives. What is that all about? One time we had the exact same name twice in one day! Another time we had two men by the same first name buying wellies as gifts for their wives and both sales were complicated by returns due to both men getting the size wrong and then we go for twelve months without that same scenario happening again. It's just part of the crazy fun of selling these wonderful gumboots and it keeps us very amused when these unexpected alignments of the stars happen. Anyway lots of orders coming through this winter so you should see plenty of fashionable ladies in lovely colourful Barbour wellies walking around your community. Let us know when you see them out and about as we love to hear how women are wearing them. 


The side buckle

I just had an email from a customer about the side buckle on Barbour wellies. It's funny because it is such an important part of the design of the gumboots and yet when I think back, I can not recall ever discussing it with any of our customers. Anyway what the lovely customer wanted to know, before she bought wellies to run up and down the side of a football pitch supporting her husband, was is the side buckle functional or purely decorative? Good question. So I thought I better publish an answer. The side buckle on Barbour wellies (and Hunter wellies) has always been there and it has always been purely decorative. A bit like a bow on a pair of shoes or maybe epaulettes on a shirt. I suppose it is a design link back to a pre rubber boot maybe a leather boot that had a buckle at the side. But Barbour wellies and Hunter wellies have been made for years with it with no real function at all except to make the wellies look stylish. If you look at photo's of the queen out in winter going right back to when she was a girl, you will see the side buckle on her lovely green wellies. and If you look at Kate Moss in her lovely blue wellies at Glastonbury festival you will see her in blue wellies  or pink wellies with the side buckle doing nothing but making her wellies look a bit more stylish while she dances around in the mud. 

Anyway, it's really lovely to think of our customers looking stylish like Kate Moss as they watch football here in New Zealand.