Barbour Sale


We are coming into the cold, wet winter months. Grab a pair of Barbour gumboots at a great discount this month for NZD$160!! bargain! 

This offer is only on for a month so grab them quick while you can. 

Happy Shopping!!!


Weird how we get coincidences with gumboot customers

It's so strange how on some days everybody wants the same colour wellies. Or suddenly everyone has the same large or small feet. It's as if the worlds gumboot buyers get together and agree that everyone with big feet will buy today. My husband tells me that this is because chaos causes clusters but I think there is something more going on. Some days we get a whole lot of Sarah's buying wellies and the next day a bunch of guys called Colin buying them for their wives. What is that all about? One time we had the exact same name twice in one day! Another time we had two men by the same first name buying wellies as gifts for their wives and both sales were complicated by returns due to both men getting the size wrong and then we go for twelve months without that same scenario happening again. It's just part of the crazy fun of selling these wonderful gumboots and it keeps us very amused when these unexpected alignments of the stars happen. Anyway lots of orders coming through this winter so you should see plenty of fashionable ladies in lovely colourful Barbour wellies walking around your community. Let us know when you see them out and about as we love to hear how women are wearing them. 


Getting Wellie busy now winter is coming


Phew. There is hardly a moment to blog these days with lovely ladies gumboots flying out the door to stylish shoppers across Australia and NZ. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but it’s really dry underfoot still. Not exactly the type of Autumn we’d optimally like for wellie sales, so it’s doubly surprising and wonderful to see so many pairs of lovely ladies gumboots heading out every day.

I have to say. It is honestly a huge privilege to be supplying you all with gumboots that are built to such incredibly high standards. They are a real credit to the guys in Europe who make them. We have been selling Barbour wellies to discerning shoppers in Australia and New Zealand now for nearly 3 years. In all that time we have had only one pair, ONE PAIR!!, returned for a manufacturing fault. And do you know what that fault was? The buckle broke when it got caught on something. So it wasn’t actually an issue with the wellies at all.They are simply, in a word, great.

I am probably the biggest advocate of the Barbour brand here in Australasia. But even I find that totally impeccable track record astounding. The quality and performance of Barbour wellies is hard to believe. We are so proud to be selling gumboots that we know will deliver our customers exactly the high level of performance you really should, but so often these days cant, expect from a luxury brand. To my mind, and having personally owned several pairs of every brand in the luxury ladies gumboots market including several pairs of Hunter gumboots, Barbours are without question built to the highest standards there are. It makes our work very enjoyable when you know the boots you are sending customers are going to exceed their expectations of quality and reliability. Anyway. I think its now time for the weather to get wintery. There are lots of skiers who want to get skiing and there are thousands of ladies out there just dying to get their new Barbour wellies on.


May 09, 2012 by Suzy Hutton

Feels like our Indian summer is over :(

So sad to see all the leaves falling off the trees after a lovely, if not quite as warm as we might hope, summer. 

We are starting to get into Autumn. My husband is frantically planting trees already and has me out in my wellies collecting acorns with him. He loves growing oaks from seed. I have taken a lovely pair of green Barbour wellies for myself this autumn. They contrast well with all the brown leaves and look really stunning. We are getting a lot of demand for some of the more interesting colours like rustic and purple. It's great to see ladies expressing themselves through their winter footwear. No reason to let the colder months dampen down our enthusiasm for looking fashionable. We are looking forward to a busy winter. Lots of people seem to be buying wellies this year for concerts and festivals around Sydney and Melbourne. Hope you have your wardrobe ready for the winter. 



April 02, 2012 by Suzy Hutton